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Dion Cheese fashion bloggerI love fashion and have spent years buying and selling fashions from various sources. 

One of my great finds was Ca$h Got Cow and worked with the designer on strategies regarding his retail store, and getting his fashion brand online. His passing was a terrible loss for the urban fashion scene. 

I’ve developed a network of designers, retail owners, and manufacturers around the world, which contributes to the insights I share in this blog.

My mission is to provide information to better guide readers — whether they’re looking to buy for themselves, or launch (or have) their own fashion-related business.


During a stint in federal prison, where I spent 15 years, I pursued my passion for the written word and wrote The Chronicles of Cain. Since my release, I’ve penned two additional books.

Dion profile in Black Beat MagazineBefore my incarceration, in my early years during the 1980s and 90s, I co-founded Third Street Productions and Big City Records, which produced and released records by me [under the name M.C. Cheese],  Nick D., and Citi E.

My records included “Phenomenal”, “Come on Everybody”, “Leading the Pack”, and “Third St.”

I performed at The Stand in Plainfield NJ, as well as Newark Symphony Hall as an opening act for KRS-One.

I was the first rap artist to ever appear on the cover of Teen Machine Magazine and was also profiled in Black Beat Magazine (see left).

Later I founded UpFront Records and released Nostalgia – Angel of Death, and debuted it as the headliner at the Independent Music Summit in Memphis Tennessee.

“Having big-toned guns intertwined with high-end fashion makes a sensational yet subtle big, bold statement without actually saying, “I’m here biaaatches!” Yes, during that once-in-a-lifetime moment, sometimes the only difference between you and the man standing next to you is the clothes you wear. Be bold, be passionate in your endeavors. Make your stand in stylish luxury. Why you may ask? It’s because when you present yourself to others wearing the finest you are indeed letting the man next to you and the people within your vicinity know that you are indeed the best that life has to offer.”

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