October 12, 2022 Dion Cheese

The Best Plastic Money Can Buy

Because You Deserve Designer Trash

No, it’s simply because they Can and Will.

Many top brands are experts at psychological marketing. Albeit some have chosen to implement these mental acrobatic tactics by creating fashion items in limited editions, highly coveted drops, runway model editions, one-of-a-kind, elite designs, thereby fabricating urgent scarcity, etcetera. While we on the other hand here at irepfashion like to call it for what it really is– bullsh*t with a cherry on top! 

Hi there, just for the record folks. I Can and Will rob your muthaf*ckin’ pockets!

Priced to floss. We present to you the iconic Louis Vuitton Prism Christopher Backpack GM which you can officially acquire for a paltry sum of roughly $5,150-$7,059. The price of a decently used car. 

As per the description from the official Hong Kong Louis Vuitton website. This cheaply made but highly overpriced backpack (Listed at approx. 46501.48HKD) is an iridescent translucent monogram embossed backpack made from industrial PVC material which will deteriorate if exposed to heat for any prolonged periods of time (sunlight included). 

This hot item was and still is a highly coveted limited collection piece from the late Virgil Abloh’s Fall 2019 collection which against all financial logic…(WTF was I thinking…) sold out quickly. Obviously Covid19 did not affect the true ballers who had six-grand to spend on a piece of molded PVC covered in fancy monogram motifs. This polyvinyl chloride backpack features white hardware, has a drawstring top, a fold over flap, two side pockets and one interior pocket. And get this– it includes the original box which is most likely made in Vietnam where labor is extremely cheap (Average monthly income: $150.00), and a dust bag which comes from a factory in India, another severely overpopulated and underpaid society. 

Yes, one cannot ball out more than this! It’s when practicality over reality is non-quintessential and you have money to burn, and I do mean really burn. 

I must assume conclusively that many of you who have bought this bag must either love Louis Vuitton with all your heart, body, and soul including all others mentioned hereafter in every aspect to actually have spent several thousand dollars on a highly decorated plastic trash bag. Note, when you are willing to spend at least a grand or more on decorative plastic you are certainly a baller to the 10th power. It’s when hype over fashion truly trumps logic.

In my personal opinion, you do have money to burn, especially when it costs an average of three to eight-hundred dollars to make a sample bag using premium materials such as leather and so forth.

Nevertheless, not to be outdone by Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, Fendi, Chanel, Valentino Garavani, and other powerhouse designers have decided to cash in on fashion trend at the heavy expense of your pockets. 

Can Someone please tell me how in the hell do they get away with this? How is this not considered outright theft? And yet, some broke fool is reading this thinking…F*ck dude he must be smoking something ballers never cry over money spent!

Indeed, I must agree 100% until that same self-man or women goes into financial ruin and money matters again. Then again, this is just a matter of opinion, for beauty and art cannot be simply defined by the cost of materials. For some would argue price is determined rather by perception, idealism, and creativity. That again may be absolutely correct until the well runs dry. But if I am to be fleeced it won’t be by wolves. I’ll take my chances on buying something like a decent car, make a hefty investment, pay down past debts. There are a million things you could probably do with your hard-earned cash rather than overspend it on a highly decorative piece of plastic.

Hey, again who are we to tell you what to do with your money. Hell, it’s yours to burn. Enjoy it and have a wonderful day with the wolves of the fashion industry.



Dion Cheese

Dion Cheese aside from being an annoying fashionista is an Urban Fiction author, former rap artist, and retired convict.

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