April 30, 2022 Dion Cheese

Is Your Money Official?


Your right index finger nervously fidgets over the keyboard as you consider pushing that BUY NOW button. You wearily scratch the crown of your head thinking about whether you should spend two weeks’ pay on those hot new kickz  you saw your favorite rapper wearing in their latest hit video.

Your pockets are pleadingly screaming at you saying, “Don’t you do it! Stuuuupiiid muthaf*cka! We’re already broke enough! Who do you think you are…Drake muthaf*cka! You need to really think about going the Rick Ross route!”

Your pockets continue the vicious onslaught against you; verbally crushing your skull with its maniacal diatribe. Pleading to your common-sense side like pitiful man who just accidently flushed a million-dollar lottery ticket down the drain. All while you begrudgingly look away from your phone screen thinking, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing those new fugazi Giuseppe sneakers or carry that new LV backpack that everyone is talking about because, simply put…it’s fake and what my peers think really, really, does matter to me.

You continue to look at that backpack and you think Rick… Damn you Rick Ross! Why, you cry. You’re supposed to be Official, A

Is he really real, or is he really fake?

Street Certified Baller. I just can’t buy that fake-ass bag, you keep telling yourself.

Look at the aesthetics! It’s faker than those thick full collagen injected lips that woman had on that last YouTube video telling you why she doesn’t wear fakes even though mostly everything about her is fake. However, she can spot a fake bag from a mile away.


You sit there with your friends feverishly laughing at Rick Ross, criticizing him for wearing that offbeat looking fake Louis Vuitton Nigo Christopher Backpack. It’s so awful and hideous that your eyes burn. Both you and your amateur expert friends know exactly what that bag is supposed to look like. You saw it on YouTube and the official Louis Vuitton site because…just because, well you know…because.

Hell, Rick is supposed to be that hood n**ga who just flashed several thousands of dollars on camera and tossed money vicariously into the wind like dust flying from a beaten rug. He’s Rick Ross d*mnit! Boss, your mind screams!

Digressing a bit. We’ll negate the fact that Rick supposedly appeared on XXL Magazine wearing fake Louis Vuitton glasses and was called out on it as well.

Being that Rick Ross has had multiple offenses in the world of High Snobiety Fashion social media we must conclude that–

A. Either Rick aka William Leonard Roberts II doesn’t care to spend his hard-earned wealth on certain high-end articles of fashion which he obviously likes and can certainly afford.


B. He just doesn’t give a flying fuck about you, us here at iRepfashion, the fashion police, or what anyone else thinks about what he decides to wear while getting on his own Private Jet and flying off into the sunset.

However, one thing for sure, someone in Chitaly is extremely happy that Mr. Ross is representing and promoting their counterfeit Louie bags, etcetera.

However, what most fail to see is that Rick Ross is still Official and more importantly, so is his bank account unlike most of the blue collared workers in the US and abroad which is about 99% of the world-wide population who would definitely take a hard hit by financially dropping over 4k for a backpack.

We all know if he wanted to drop 5k on a backpack he most assuredly could as one can easily purview. The man is obviously riding on his own private jet, owns expensive cars and then some which most of us will never have except in our minds.

The point of this article is to show you that you cannot expect Official articles of fashion if your money isn’t Official, especially when it comes to high-end fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton which never go on sale.

If you want authenticity you have to primarily keep it real with yourself and how fat your pockets are will determine that. Two, if you don’t want the flack for wearing fakes, risk your freedom reselling them, or risk losing your money because your eyes weren’t eagle enough to spot the obvious flaws which the majority don’t because–

Let’s keep it real, their money isn’t!



Dion Cheese

Dion Cheese aside from being an annoying fashionista is an Urban Fiction author, former rap artist, and retired convict.

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