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Time To Gear Up!


From a historical aspect fashion is simply timeless. Regardless of whether you shop at Wal-Mart, the thrift shop like Macklemore once said or Neiman and Marcus, style is important to our everyday lifestyle. From getting job promotions, getting admiration from your peers or significant others, to being robbed for whatever hot item that is coveted by those who simply cannot afford it. Fashion is recognized by the eyes of everyone who is checking out your cellphone case down to your socks. Fashion from the very beginning of mankind has been something that both humans and animals both share.

The History of Fashion

From the very beginning of civilization fashion has worked its magic

Watch out for Snakes!!!

or rather mesmerized us through stories or cave paintings. It has been one of the main features of our lives no matter if we admit it or not.  So be it that; according to Genesis 3:7 our first fashionistas were a Worldwide renowned couple simply known as Adam and Eve no last name needed.

Adam, being a black man in Africa needed to cover up his humongous junk after listening to an evil ass snake bastard who today is called Satan and came up with an ingenious idea of covering up his own brown snake in order to hide the fact that he had been duped by his wife into partaking in an unlawful lifestyle who in turn then borrowed or rather bootlegged his then iconic fashion wear. Hence, fashion and counterfeiting were both born simultaneously.

In terms of modern fashion, the market has become overly complicated and dangerous to the point of no return where people have gotten to the point where they will even kill for it. Picture that. Envision yourself being killed for some Yeezy’s that are actually fake just because the ones’ you were wearing looked so real that even Yeezybusta couldn’t tell you 100 percent that they were knockoffs or rather counterfeits that you may or may not have been duped into purchasing against the behest of your knowledgeable friend not to do so. Even well-known magazines such as GQ have admitted that this is truly the Golden Age of  Knockoffs.

Although I would use a different term in which I will explain later in another article. The internet is full of confusing and misleading information stemming from elaborate articles, posts or forums created by so-called experts in the fashion industry which we certainly are not.

However, we will and do strive to bring our readers verified resources and are always open to constructive criticism and correction for the betterment of not only ourselves but our readers as well. Here we will not d*ckride those who have trailblazed before us.

Why, you may ask? Because…simply put we love fashion despite wherever it came from. Albeit our major concern is the appreciation thereof and sharing that crucial knowledge with our readers. 

Fashion, Is a Personal Choice So Choose Wisely

Fashion is a personal choice, and we won’t knock you for choosing alternative routes for acquiring alternative resources in acquiring the items that you would like to acquire for yourself or your significant others however you choose to do it.

Nevertheless, we will not openly advocate, conspire, confederate, induce, aid, and abet, nor direct you to break the law by openly telling you where to buy from. The web is like a dark ocean and there are indeed many dangers that lurk far below.

Fashion is passion, and your body is your temple, and we have no right to tell you what, where, and when to wear an item. Yet, there are many laws that are meant to protect companies’ intellectual rights as well as consumers’ rights thereof.

Therefore, we will not be advocating the promotion, nor are we selling non-authentic articles on this site. Yet we will unequivocally share with you the myriad plethora of non-authentic items alongside authentic articles of fashion and give you our best opinions whereas to help you discern between the two, so you won’t get duped or scammed by unscrupulous online sellers. Simply put, know what you are buying.

Know that there are many alternatives out there on the open market. Many people simply cannot afford to purchase high-end luxury items due to the fact that their financial situations may be hampered for various reasons, wife, kids, mortgage, medical bills, etcetera. Yet there are alternative options and tiers of fashion for your choosing if you know where to look.

We know that there are many pompous people out there in the world that pride themselves on being able to drop 10 Benjamins on a tee shirt. They wear it with pride while walking down the street without verbally saying “Look mofos, I overpaid a helluva lot of bread for this and damnit I’m so f*cking proud.” 

This is a bonafide fact until reality hits them in the form of that pretty woman accidentally spilling red wine all over that all white Gucci hoodie you just spent fourteen bands on: meaning fourteen hundred. Or maybe it ends up being those new Louis Glow-in-the-dark Python High-top Trainers you just dropped 16 Benjamins on, wore to your sister’s cookout and your unscrupulous little bada*ss nephew drops one in the pool while his pet chihuahua gnawingly chews the other.

Then again, you’re outside the norm and you just laugh it off and head out to buy a second pair for a few hundred more than the last ones you just copped off StockX.

My Sh*t is Better Than Yours

Yes, we live in a world where fashion is king, and many have become millionaires within its fountain of wealth pouring out at the seams all while keeping it real. Real as you can get for the money you have spent on that seven-thousand-dollar PVC bag that has clovers and flowers imprinted all over it, with measly bits of the finest calfskin leather on the straps, enamored with a prism of shimmering colors as you wear that genuine article from the best designers on earth who reside in a non-existent place called Chitaly where Balenciaga’s are also made but still cost the same as if they were truly made in Italy and not in some random Chinese factory abroad where Nike is located right down the street. You are prideful knowing that you own the finest detailed craftsmanship. You do it while flexing your steroid muscles, your fake hair extensions, fake eyelashes, eyebrows, dyed hair, and God only knows what else is real. However, at least we all know that your sneakers and that purse you grossly overpaid for are real as can be while although you may not be.  Therefore, you can confidently look at the man or woman standing next to you wearing basically the same exact thing you have acquired… but at a much lower cost and say, “I am proud to have overpaid several thousand for this worthless piece of sh*t!” Because that’s exactly what a lot of people get caught in. It’s about dollars spent and not about the art of fashion.

Today that narcissistic thinking ends here. Welcome to iRepfashion ladies and gentlemen.





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