March 13, 2022 Dion Cheese

Should We Out the Outlets?

Psst. Are you looking for that perfect bargain pertaining to that  latest Coach bag, wallet, and so forth for that special someone? –And are you also looking hard to cop such items at basement bargain prices? Well, let us tell you here first on iRepFashion that today you’re in luck. Yes, because we know beyond any doubt that there are a multitude of mid-range to high-end brands such as Coach, Ralph Lauren, J. Crews, Gap, Nike, Banana Republic and so forth, just to name a few, who will gladly fulfil your needs…however, it will come at a hefty price as far quality is concern.

Retail tag is on the left, on the right is the Outlet version.

In other words, you will indeed get those Coach, or Kate Spade bags or J.Crew sweater for your significant other albeit; it will be from the bottom of the barrel 99.9% of the time. Moreso, it’ll be the designer garbage that most people who are die-hard loyalists of their beloved brands won’t even know these items don’t exist.

It’s as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Meaning; you will get the coveted item you’re looking to purchase. Admittedly, by us, it won’t be as good as the retail store products of the same name. You’ll still get clothing, outerwear, accessory items, and such, but, at a lower quality than their retail counterparts. You’ll be getting that fashionable pile of junk in name only per say.

The manufacturers will indeed make you those hot pants, shirts, or whatever. Mind you, they will cut costs by using substandard hardware when compared to their retail versions. For example, they’ll use plastic buttons instead of metallic clasps, or a generic YKK zipper instead of their in-house branded zipper, or a lower quality leather that’s thinner than their retail counterparts or something along those lines. 

Colloquially speaking from a truthful point of view many manufacturers are essentially selling legit knockoffs of their own brands which they differentiate through clothing tags and such.

This isn’t some obscure blueprint when it comes to major corporations getting into your

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pockets by whoring out their own names on lesser quality items. These self-same items are made in-house but aren’t included in their official lineup. Then with a sleight of hand these corporations try to convince us that we are getting a bargain by using the “compare to price adage”. This is the same type of Oke-doke used by backwoods hillbillies who are admittedly trying to convince us that the Whitehouse Insurrection of January 6th, 2020, was simply a quiet stroll through our Capitol. They feel it’s okay to piss in our eyes and make us think it’s raining in pursuit of the mighty dollar when the simple truth is, the majority of outlet stores sell mostly, if not entirely, made-for-the-outlet merchandise on the low.

In short, there is a plethora of major brands that sell cheaper, imitation versions of their own products under the pretense that they are offering steep discounts on once main store items.

This leads one to ponder…So how do we know what we’re buying? One thing for sure we at iRep can tell you all –it’s not the good stuff.



Dion Cheese

Dion Cheese aside from being an annoying fashionista is an Urban Fiction author, former rap artist, and retired convict.


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